Keith Lanton MBA

President, Herold & Lantern Investments, Inc., and Percheron Asset Management Group

35 Pinelawn Road
Suite 101E
Melville, NY 11710

Keith Lanton is President of Herold & Lantern Investments, Inc. He is also President of the Percheron subsidiaries Lantern Wealth Advisors LLC, and Lantern Insurance Brokerage, Inc. In 1993 Mr. Lanton co-founded our predecessor firm, Lantern Investments. Mr. Lanton has overseen the significant growth of Herold & Lantern Investments’ client assets to more than $3 billion in customer and tri-party assets. Keith is dedicated to client service and has strategically built our group of financial service affiliates to customize solutions that allow clients to achieve their financial goals. He has assembled an outstanding team of brokers and investment advisors specializing in growth and income; and has driven the firm’s effectiveness by leveraging smart technology. Mr. Lanton is frequently interviewed in financial publications and radio; and is a sought after panelist and speaker at investment events. Mr. Lanton received his BA in Economics from Emory University and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He also studied at the London School of Economics, and received his MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia University.