Tyler Turtoro

Financial Professional

1190 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, New York 10305

I am a dedicated Financial Advisor at Herold Advisors and Herold & Lantern Investments. I focus on helping families preserve their wealth and pursue the lives they have imagined by providing goals-based wealth management strategies. Together with my team, we help our clients preserve their wealth, take care of their heirs and help to ensure their assets are preserved. If you believe wealth is found in the life you lead and the family you deeply love - and your assets support this vision rather than define it - I would appreciate meeting with you.

I am very process driven with my background in the financial services industry, therefore, we support our clients with simple, straight-forward strategies, conscientious risk management and most important meaningful and lasting relationships. This is the foundation of our wealth management approach.

I strive to help my clients address every aspect of their financial needs and opportunities rather than solely focusing on investments. We gain a detailed understanding of our clients deepest values and goals and acknowledge that each person is unique, so we can appropriately customize strategies to benefit their financial well-being.

Together, we will discuss:

  • How do you define wealth?
  • You and your family needs, goals, and values
  • How assets and liabilities are connected
  • Your comfort level with investment risk
  • Additional risks you might not realize you are actually taking
  • How to develop and implement a customized wealth management plan tailored to you

In each relationship, my focal point is to make a difference in clients lives. I care greatly about the families I serve and find joy in helping them pursue their dreams. Like most of my clients, I am very family-oriented. Through each life stage, I am proud to be there for other families to provide well-informed guidance and custom built strategies.